2024 RAIC Advocate for Architecture | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

2024 RAIC Advocate for Architecture

BEAT (Building Equality in Architecture Toronto)
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RAIC Advocate for Architecture Award

Building Equality in Architecture Toronto (BEAT) is a volunteer-run organization founded in 2015 to promote equity for women in the architecture profession. BEAT’s mandate is to creating lasting systemic and transformational change with purpose-driven action, openness, and compassion. Guided by the belief that empowering women improves and enriches the practice of architecture, the built environment, and ultimately the human condition,BEAT creates opportunities for community building activities, advocacy, networking, and mentorship.

BEAT is led by an Executive and Advisory committee comprised of dedicated architects, designers, leaders, and entrepreneurs volunteering their time for a shared cause. Over the last 9 years, BEAT has developed and programmed more than 110 events, including leadership seminars, forums, talks, mixes, workshops, and a wide range of special events. The organization has provided a platform for 90+ national and international guest speakers and experts to share knowledge, personal stories, and lessons from the field, advancing the discourse on equity, diversity, and inclusion. BEAT events are open to all and most events are free of charge.

With the support of BEAT members, BEA has grown from a Toronto-based grassroots organization to a national movement with chapters in Northern Canada (BEANorth), Atlantic Canada (BEAA) and the Prairies (BEAP & BEACalgary).

Jury Comment(s): 

BEAT has established itself as a significant voice supporting equity in the architecture profession. As a group, they highlight the structural inequalities that continue to disadvantage women, inspire us to reflect and to action for change. Their discussions and perspectives connect and center human dimensions for a better way forward and their enthusiastic encouragement and mentorship of young female architects as they navigate a demanding profession is vital. 

Founded in Toronto in 2015, BEAT has emerged as a force in Canadian architectural discourse, making a significant contribution to national architecture. 

2024 Annual Awards Jury

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BEAT Leadership seminar
BEAT Leadership seminar
BEAT Forum
BEAT Mix at Steelcase
BEAT Forum
BEAT Mix - National Graphic