2023 RAIC Advocate for Architecture Award | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

2023 RAIC Advocate for Architecture Award

Award Category: 
Advocate for Architecture

KOLLECTIF recently reached an important milestone: 15 years of commitment to the Quebec architectural community and the general public. 

15 years of informing, promoting and supporting quality in architecture through a news platform, original video series, a presence on social networks... and three volunteers motivated by their professional environment. 

Kollectif has accumulated more than 10,845 news articles on its website, making it possible to trace key architectural moments of the last few years in the Quebec community. Proof of the notoriety that the platform has acquired over time, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) has integrated Kollectif into its collection of important websites that archive the province's documentary heritage. 

Since 2010, Kollectif has furthered its commitment to the community by participating in the annual organization of the Tournoi de golf des architectes du Québec (TGAQ). Kollectif's founding director, Martin Houle, has become the face of this charitable event, which makes annual donations to cultural and humanitarian organizations related to architecture. As of today, over a quarter of a million dollars has been donated to academic institutions, cultural organizations and humanitarian organizations such as Architecture Without Borders Quebec. 

Jury Comment(s): 

This outward-focused organization was conceived to spotlight, advocate for, promote, and raise the profile of architects both to the public and to one another. Through their various campaigns, they have played a unique role in the promotion of architectural practice across Québec, making it accessible to the public while connecting practices to each other. Kollectif's commitment to EDI is demonstrated in their inclusion of a diversity of individuals and practices in their spotlights, while their generosity towards other educational, cultural, and humanitarian organizations, such as Architectes sans Frontières, was also noted by the jury.  

Kollectif’s promotion and support of the local architecture community has become a vital resource that connects designers in conversation and empowers them with new ideas that promote innovation and elevates the quality of work within the profession. Their easy-to-consume and well-curated information, made accessible across different platforms, has effectively engaged Quebec’s broader community, elevating awareness and appreciation for design in a way that should be seen as a model for the entire country.  

2023 Annual Awards Jury

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