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Référence: AAWP2021INT

A new way to access RAIC Webinars! Designed for individuals who want access to a large catalogue of webinar content.

RAIC All-Access Back Catalogue Webinar Pass - Intern

Topics: Practice, Project Management, Sustainability, Design, Accessibility, Building Code, Urbanism, Advanced Technology

Length: 63+ Hours

What's included: 63 webinars, quizzes, and certificates of completion

RAIC - All Access Webinar Pass Poster

Designed for individuals who want access to a large catalogue of webinar content, the All-Access Back Catalogue Pass is for you. Get access to 63 webinars available on-demand on the RAIC website.  Once purchased, you can participate at your convenience and not worry about registration!

All-Access Back Catalogue Webinar Pass Features:

  • Freedom to access anything from a catalogue of 63+ webinars
  • Up to an 89% discount compared to a-la-carte pricing
  • Automatic registration to webinars in catalogue
  • Instant access to webinar catalogue
  • On-Demand access to all webinars in catalogue
  • Support for continuing education reporting - each webinar includes a certificate of completion with ability to archive in the RAIC Learning Management System (LMS)

The Details:

  • You must subscribe for notifications in the LMS to receive automatic updates
  • Webinar pack access is valid from date of purchase. All webinars are between one to two hours, include a short multiple choice or true/false quiz, and include a certificate of completion.
  • All Access Webinar Pass holders will be provided the opportunity to add a competitively priced, booster pack for 2022 content to be released in January 2023.
  • All Access Back Catalogue Webinar Pass does not include 2022 webinars or longer courses. All the webinars included are listed below.


Member: $749 | Non-Member: $999

Intern Member: $499 | Intern Non-Member: $649

Student: $299 (must be an RAIC student associate member) 

Continuing Education Webinar Disclaimer

LMS Instructions

Included items: 
Prix catalogue: $649.00
Prix membres: