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Urbanism, Economic Development and Innovation Ecosystems - STUDENT

Référence: VC2021CE10

Urbanism, Economic Development and Innovation Ecosystems

This webinar was part of the RAIC 2021 Virtual Conference on Architecture

Topics: Housing, Planning and Urbanism

Length: 1 hour | What's Included: Video, Quiz, and Certificate of Completion 

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The North American economy is increasingly driven by approximately twenty or so city regions. These city regions are characterized by a high degree of urban density and deep and fast growing innovation ecosystems. This session is focused on describing what distinguishes innovation ecosystems and the elements that contribute to their growth. Government policy and progressive city planning including the development of innovation hubs can play an important role in facilitating linkage across the innovation ecosystem. Understanding the role of government policy and city planning can play in helping innovation ecosystems grow and prosper is an important aim of this session.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Define innovation ecosystems; 
  • Compare innovation ecosystems across North America; 
  • Describe the key components of an innovation ecosystem to describe why innovation ecosystems are critical to regional competitiveness and long term economic growth; 
  • Describe how government policy and planning can contribute to the development and deepening of an innovation ecosystem. 

Subject Matter Expert

Alex Kotsopoulos.jpg

Alex Kotsopoulos, Masters of Arts (Business Econ) / Economist, RSM Canada

Available Until: December 31, 2022 

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