Foire des connaissances de l’industrie de l’IRAC 2020 | Institut royal d'architecture du Canada

Foire des connaissances de l’industrie de l’IRAC 2020

La Foire des connaissances de l'industrie est une ressource GRATUITE permettant à nos membres d'assister à des séances de formation innovantes avec des leaders de l'industrie, dans un environnement qui convient à différents horaires.


La foire inaugurale s'est déroulée au cours du mois de novembre 2020. L'événement a été un succès, avec 25 entreprises de l'industrie et 497 participants. 


Restez à l'écoute pour notre annonce sur les futurs plans de la Foire des connaissances de l’industrie de l'IRAC. 



Liste des entreprises de l’industrie qui ont participé à la Foire des connaissances de l’industrie de l'IRAC:


Artistic Skylight®

Thème(s) :
Achieving Energy Efficiency and Sustainability with Skylights



Concrete Council of Canada


Thème(s) :
All-Glass Entrances, Railings


DesignABLE Environments

Thème(s) :

  • Introducing RAIC's new Introduction to Successful Accessible Design
  • Establishing accessibility in an urban landscape
  • Addressing the accessible housing crisis and impacts of legislation
  • Accessible legislation, requirements, and international agreements


Thème(s) :

  • Placemaking in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Passenger Experience After a Global Pandemic
  • Returning to a New Workplace
  • Transit Readiness Post-Pandemic

Thème(s) :
Design Concepts to Reality with Custom Architectural Fabrications

EXP Services Inc. 

HGC Engineering Acoustical Consultants

Thème(s) :
Architectural Acoustics

i d d q d Studio Vancouver

Live Easy Inc/Safety-Chair

Thème(s) :
Why do I need to Specify an Evacuation Chair?


Material Bank

Thème(s) :
Introduction to Material Bank



Thème(s) :
• Commercial tankless water heater applications
• Residential tankless water heater applications


NBS - National Building Specification - Canada

Thème(s) :
Join us to learn how NBS can help you to write your specification smarter and faster, reducing your risk of error and dispute, enabling collaboration and helping you win more business.  NBS Chorus moves spec writing from static word documents to a dynamic cloud-based platform that is accessible from anywhere on any device.

NEEZO Studios

Owens Corning

Thème(s) :

  • Principles of Acoustics;
  • Addressing Thermal Bridging in Exterior Wall Assemblies
Passive House Canada

Polymershapes Distribution Canada Inc.

Thème(s) :

  • Systemize solutions to Active shooter scenarios
  • Torgard Weather system for Hurricanes and Tornados


Thème(s) :
Commercial tankless water heater applications


RSM Canada

Thème(s) :
Digital Transformation

Thème(s) :
3D Printing for Architects, Urban Planners and Interior Designers: A look at how 3D printing is being used in the architecture industry as a powerful tool to win clients, reduce iteration time and reduce costs. Get introduced to 3D printing or expand your knowledge set with a look at recent materials and technology. Plus, get your questions answered by's expert team.

Stego Industries, LLC

Thème(s) :
Provides an in-depth look at below-slab moisture and vapor protection. The program will examine building material
failures, concrete degradation, property loss, negative health effects, and the liability associated with below-slab
moisture intrusion. Moreover, the seminar is designed to update attendees on current standards and
recommendations from ASTM, ACI, and PCA, as well as flooring and concrete experts from the industry. Questions
about vapor retarders vs. vapor barriers, the use of poly/Visqueen, the location of the vapor barrier, radon gas,
concrete moisture testing, concrete drying, and effective installation will all be addressed.

STI Firestop - Specified Technologies Inc.

Thème(s) :

  • Specific considerations to consider when selecting and reviewing  firestopping solutions
  • Cable management: The limitations and available solutions for firestopping cable penetrations
  • Alternative solutions to gypsum and concrete to protect electrical circuits and fuel lines 
The Personal

Tremco Canada

Thème(s) :

  • Towards a Better Roofing: Fluid Applied Roofing Technology
  • The New Trend in Rooftop Safety Solutions

Velux Canada

Thème(s) :
Why not skylights? Rethinking skylights in high performance design.