Royal Architectural Institute of Canada



Chief Executive Officer
Mike Brennan
(613) 404-2012


Mike Brennan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC). Mike has direct responsibility for the strategic leadership and day-to-day operations of the RAIC. Reporting to the Board and the Executive Committee, he is responsible for accomplishing the goals and objectives of the organization as outlined in the RAIC Strategic Plan and Vision.


Vice President of National Affairs
Giovanna Boniface


Giovanna Boniface is responsible for the Festival of Architecture, the development and direction of the regional chapters, and the RAIC’s task forces and committees. Reporting to the CEO, Giovanna leads the association’s efforts in building and maintaining stakeholder engagement and an active membership community. She also supports growth in advocacy and government relations and advises on business improvement and revenue diversification.


Director, Practice Support

Don Ardiel, MRAIC

(613) 241-3600 ext 202


Don Ardiel is responsible for programs, projects and issues that enhance architectural practice, services, and the profession. Programs such as the Syllabus and the Canadian Handbook of Practice form a large part of his work. He also supports the Practice Support Committee, as well as multi-industry groups such as the Federal Real Property Advisory Committee and the Construction Industry Consultative Committee.


Director, Honours and Awards / College of Fellows
Chantal Charbonneau, CAE, Hon. MRAIC
(613) 241-3600 ext 214


Chantal Charbonneau is responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation and evaluation of the annual Festival of Architecture and the RAIC’s Honours and Awards programs. Chantal also provides executive support and services to the RAIC College of Fellows. Working under the direction of the CEO, she collaborates with other staff members to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the national office.



Director, Communications and Advocacy
Maria Cook


Maria Cook is responsible for media relations and carrying out communications and advocacy activities. She coordinates the production of the RAIC’s print and web publications including members’ newsletters and media releases. Duties include providing support to the Board of Directors, developing strategy and advancing political and public outreach. Maria also participates in event-planning, creates content and works with partner organizations.


Eva Schacherl


Eva Schacherl is responsible for media relations, communications and advocacy on an interim basis. She promotes the work of RAIC, including awards and events, and oversees member communications. She started her career as a newspaper reporter and has extensive experience in nonprofit and governmental organizations.


Director of Finance

Vicky Wang

(613) 241-3600 ext 218


Vicky Wang works with and supports the RAIC team and Board in all financial matters. She is responsible for the day to day financial operations of RAIC and financial reporting including financial statements, budgets, and forecasts. Included in this is government program support.  She is also responsible for the RAIC Foundation financial reporting.


Director, Operations

Diane Wessman

(613) 241-3600 ext 207


Diane Wessman is responsible for the internal operational components of the RAIC. Her role is to enhance and facilitate professional activities, promote revenue generation and ensure delivery of quality and cost-effective services and products to members and all stakeholders. Among her responsibilities are planning and administration of resources needed to achieve strategic priorities with a major focus on membership, financial and product/service management.



Executive Coordinator
Danielle Catley
(613) 241-3600 ext 206


Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, Danielle Catley provides a variety of confidential and executive level administrative support for the CEO, The Executive Committee and the Institute’s Board of Directors.


Membership Services Coordinator

Sarah Holtman

(613) 241-3600 ext 200


Sarah Holtman supports members with annual renewal, event registration, and account updating. She also administers the online store, and is the first point of contact for members and the public.


Program Officer, Syllabus Registrar

Brynne Campbell
(613) 241-3600 ext 204


Brynne Campbell assists the Director, Practice Support in projects and issues that enhance the profession, as well as the RAIC Syllabus program.


Program Officer

Kristen Gagnon
(613) 241-3600 ext 203


Kristen Gagnon assists the Director, Practice Support in projects and issues that enhance the profession, as well as the RAIC continuing education program.


Program Officer

Breann Oneid
(613) 241-3600 ext 215


Breann Oneid is responsible for providing ongoing administrative support to the RAIC’s awards program and events including the Festival of Architecture. Working under the direction of the Director, Awards and Honours / College of Fellows, Breann also provides support and services to the RAIC College of Fellows and the RAIC Foundation.


Program Officer

Anthony Youssef
(613) 241-3600 ext 206


Anthony Youssef assists the Director, Practice Support in projects and issues that enhance the profession.


Continuing Education Administrator

Camille Rivard
(613) 241-3600 ext 205


Camille Rivard assists the Director of Practice Support and RAIC Program Officers with the administration, development, and implementation of the RAIC continuing education program, as well as the national continuing education database.  


Sponsorship Development Manager

Katie Russell



Katie Russell is responsible for developing and implementing the sponsorship program for the RAIC’s Honours and Awards programs.


Digital Communications Specialist
Angie Sauvé


Angie Sauvé manages the RAIC's digital communications such as the twice-monthly bulletin and e-notices. She is the webmaster for and manages all RAIC social media accounts.


Graphic Designer

Vicky Coulombe-Joyce



Vicky Coulombe-Joyce is the RAIC’s Graphic Designer. She provides visual communication design that supports the organization’s ability to communicate with members, design professionals, and the general public.  In collaboration with the Director of Operations and Director of Communications, she coordinates the RAIC’s print and electronic publications relating to advocacy, professional development and practice support.