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Executive Office

Mike Brennan, Chief Executive Officer
(613) 404-2012


Mike Brennan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC). Mike is directly responsible for the health and performance of the Institute, the success of its operations, and strategic planning. Externally, Mike works to build long-term relationships with key stakeholders and partners in order to enhance the value delivered to RAIC members.  Reporting to the Board and the Executive Committee, he is responsible for accomplishing the goals and objectives of the organization as outlined in the RAIC Strategic Plan and Vision.


Danielle Catley, Executive Coordinator
(613) 241-3600 ext 2006


Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, Danielle Catley provides a variety of confidential and executive level administrative support for the CEO, The Executive Committee and the Institute’s Board of Directors.


Chapters, Advocacy, Events, and Task Forces


Giovanna Boniface, Vice President of Corporate Affairs
613-241-3600 ext 2004


Giovanna Boniface is responsible for the development, implementation, management and ongoing operations of RAIC national affairs, including chapters, networks, task forces and committees and corporate events. In addition, she oversees RAIC divisions of advocacy, professional practice, professional education and syllabus. 


Kristen Harrison, MRAIC, Advocacy and Engagement Manager

(613) 241-3600 ext 2011


Kristen Harrison supports all aspects of the Vice President of Corporate Affairs' portfolio, including, but not limited to RAIC advocacy initiatives, member engagement, RAIC chapters and networks, and committees and task forces.


Anthony Youssef, National Affairs Manager

(613) 241-3600 ext 2003


Anthony Youssef is responsible for conference and events including the RAIC Conference on Architectureand RAIC Congress on Architecture. 


Membership, Corporate Partnerships and Operations

Diane Wessman, Vice President of Operations

(613) 241-3600 ext 2007


Diane Wessman is responsible for the business operations of the RAIC, serving to enhance and facilitate professional activities, promote revenue generation and ensure delivery of quality and cost-effective services and products to members and stakeholders. Included in these responsibilities are planning and administration of financial and knowledge resources needed to achieve institutional strategic priorities, including human resources, membership and affinity programs, marketing and communications, business development, honours and awards, information systems and technology, facilities management, and product and service delivery.


Katie Russell, Business Development Manager

613-241-3600 ext 2016


Katie Russell is responsible for the business development at the RAIC, including the development and implementation of the sponsorship program for Conference and Congress, as well as our Corporate Affiliate and Strategic Partnership programs.


Sarah Holtman, Membership Manager

(613) 241-3600 ext 2008


Sarah Holtman is responsible for developing, organizing, and implementing the RAIC’s annual renewal, recruitment initiatives, member outreach, and member benefits. She assists the Vice President of Operations, to improve accessibility using information technology and optimize member services. She also manages the RAIC online store, the online and printed member directories, and the job board. 


Gretta Inamahoro, Membership Coordinator

(613) 241-3600 ext 2010


Gretta Inamahoro assists the Membership Manager, with developing, organizing, and implementing annual renewal and recruitment initiatives. She is responsible for coordinating activities and materials related to member outreach and engagement. She is the main contact for new members who have joined the institute.  


Noorulabdeen Ahmad, Membership and Communications Assistant
(613) 241-3600 ext 2000 

Noorulabdeen Ahmad supports members with routine membership inquiries, assembles RAIC email communications, and administers the online store, the job board, and annual renewal. He assists the Membership Coordinator, with member outreach. He is also the first point of contact for members and the public. 


Continuing Education and Practice Support

Gregory MacNeil, MRAIC, Vice President of Practice

Gregory MacNeil, MRAIC, is responsible for programs, projects and issues that enhance the architectural profession and services, and the profession. The portfolio includes management of practice queries, maintenance and creation of standard agreement documents, maintenance of existing publications (e.g Fee Guide, CHoP), leadership and management of the Practice Support Committee, advisor to RAIC continuing education as well as advocacy and representation on pan-professional committees.


Nevena Martinović,  Education Manager

613) 241-3600 ext 2013

Nevena Martinović supports the development of strategic direction, coordination and development for RAIC programs, projects and education. Under the direction of the Vice President of Corporate Affairs, she oversees key RAIC education programs as well as continuing education and professional development initiatives and projects.


Camille Rivard, Program Officer

(613) 241-3600 ext 2005


Camille Rivard is responsible for facilitating and developing continuing education opportunities, which includes working with subject matter experts and stakeholders to develop unique and relevant content.


Pamela Burke, Education Coordinator 

(613) 241-3600 ext 2009


Pamela Burke is responsible for providing support to the Continuing Education program as well as working with the Education Manager to develop and deliver high-quality courses, webinars and educational resources.


RAIC Syllabus

Ivan Martinovic,  Dipl. Eng. Arch., OAA, FRAIC, AIA/IA, Director of Syllabus

Ivan Martinovic is responsible for the RAIC Syllabus program, the direct, self-paced program of academic studies, design studios, and practical experience leading to the RAIC Professional Diploma in Architecture - accepted by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.


Portia Ymer Sobel, Education Administrator (Syllabus)

(613) 241-3600 ext 2018

Portia Ymer Sobel assists in the development and ongoing support of the RAIC Syllabus program. Additionally, as the RAIC Archive Technician, Portia oversees the transferring of print records and archives to an accessible digital format for use by the RAIC membership.

Honours and Awards/College of Fellows

Chantal Charbonneau, CAE, Hon. MRAIC, Director, Honours and Awards / College of Fellows

(613) 241-3600 ext 2014


Chantal Charbonneau is responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation and evaluation of the RAIC’s Honours and Awards programs. Chantal also provides executive support and services to the RAIC College of Fellows. She collaborates with other staff members to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the national office.


Amanda Shore, MRAIC, Program Coordinator, Honours and Awards

(613) 241-3600 ext 2015

Amanda Shore is responsible for providing ongoing support with the RAIC’s Honors and Awards program, the College of Fellows, and the RAIC Foundation. 



Ashley Belleau-Dame, Marketing and Communications Specialist

613-241-3600 ext 2019

Ashley Belleau-Dame is responsible for the development and implementation of all marketing and communications strategies.


Tanner Morton, Communications Coordinator 

613-241-3600 ext 2001


Tanner Morton produces a wide variety of external and internal communications. He supports a range of programs and activities, including awards, continuing education, practice support, chapters and networks, committees, member services, and advocacy.




Vicky Wang, Vice President of Finance

(613) 241-3600 ext 2017


Vicky Wang is responsible for the development of the RAIC financial management strategy and for the contribution to the development of the organization’s strategic goals. She oversees the development of the financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve RAIC’s assets as well as to report accurate financial results.


Deepthi Padekallu Ganapathi, Finance administrator

613) 241-3600 ext 2020
Deepthi Padekallu Ganapathi is responsible for supporting day-to-day transactions including accounts payable, receivables, purchasing and financial reconciliation.





Ali Linares 

Ali is currently studying computer programming at Algonquin College. As the Web Developer, Ali  supports the review, updating, and development of the RAIC website, website migration and digital marketing content in order to improve accessibility and user experience.  

Abigail Hudyma 
Abigail has recently completed her 3rd year of architectural studies at Laurentian University. As a Corporate Affairs assistant, Abigail provides support across the Corporate Affairs portfolio by conducting research, communications development, preparation of summary reports, completing environmental scans, recording and editing webinars, supporting committees, task forces, working groups, etc. 

Al Mehrabi 
As a Corporate Affairs assistant, Al provides support across the Corporate Affairs portfolio by conducting research, communications development, preparation of summary reports, completing environmental scans, recording and editing webinars, supporting committees, task forces, working groups, etc.