Scientext | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada


Scientext is  proud to offer exceptional, evidence-based construction specifications and technical support to professional design studios across Canada, cost-effectively and when needed. 

We offer an interactive process so that you retain full control of the design without the intense time investment and specialized skills required for quality specifications. Our on-demand service is available where and when you need it; we have adapted technology to work remotely, and have found that current technologies make distance support services easy and effective. Our services allow you to re-direct in-house resources to revenue-generating activity and lessen the burden on senior project leaders without overhead impact. 

Our focus is on anticipating, preventing, and resolving quality management concerns.

We study your designs as they evolve, listen to your ideas, take time to understand how your office likes to illustrate and detail your designs and use our 33+ years of industry experience to deliver solutions that are completely in tune with how you work.

We are recognized for our technical expertise, product knowledge, and the quality of our work. Working with clients across Canada, we are proud to offer a valued specialization honed through working on numerous and varied projects, large and small, for major firms and the public sector. Technologically savvy, we address needs at any office, anywhere.

We are defined by our commitment to excellence in construction documentation and service to our clients.



Our services are devoted to you, our direct client: what you need and want, what lies in your best interest, what serves your purposes. Scientext™ will never forget that, will always listen carefully and respond with thoughtfulness, and ensure that the documents delivered express and support the excellence of your designs.


Demonstrate leadership by championing cutting edge, evidence-based materials and methods consistent with current trends and best practices.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Scientext™ recognizes the social value of beauty in the built environment and respects the artistic effort it takes to do architecture, engineering, and other design work well. All work is confidential and protected.


Scientext™ searches for the best way to express graphics and conceptual ideas in a manner that manages risk and meets both technological and best practice tests. Creative solutions are often needed to best represent client interests and reflect the integrity and strength of the design and ideas being expressed. What starts in the mind must find expression in the completed project, and Scientext™ commits to facilitating that result with creativity and integrity.


Scientext™ will not express an opinion without evidence or substantive supporting experience and wide consensus amongst construction leaders. Scientext™ will deliver on its promises, will support its clients, and will stand behind the documents its supplies.