RAIC 2020 Industry Knowledge Hub

The Industry Knowledge Hub is a free resource for architecture and design professionals to experience innovative and educational sessions with industry leaders—in an environment that fits different schedules. 

Participants can access the Hub from November 2 to 30, 2020, through RAIC’s Learning Management System platform. Additionally, participating members will have the opportunity to connect and converse through discussion boards and Q&A sessions throughout November. 

Top reasons to sign up for the Industry Knowledge Hub: 

  1. Variety: Over 50 hours of educational sessions, presentations, and lectures
  2. Flexibility: Live and on-demand sessions to fit your schedule and professional goals
  3. Affordability: Free member access to all sessions  
  4. Fun: Network and gain knowledge and skills through an engaging event platform


Go to the Industy Knowledge Hub event program for more details on the courses offered during November.

Registration is open!


Everyone will have free access to the Industry Knowledge Hub! Registration is open! 

 Prize Opportunity! 

Participants will be entered into a draw to win a prize every time they watch a webinar/presentation and complete the ending quiz! The winners will be announced on December 1, 2020. The prizes are as follows: 

  1. One Webday Wednesday Webinar (valued  up to $75)
  2. One month of Wedday Wednesday Webinars (valued  up to $300)
  3. A pass for the 2021 RAIC Conference on Architecture (valued at approximately $1000)
  4. 2 x $500 Uniglobe Gift Certificates.  Expiry date will be December 31, 2021 (book by date, not travel by date).  Will be valid towards any prepaid vacation package or cruise booking with a minimum vacation cost of $1000 before taxes.


Participating Industry Companies


Company will be offering a Certificate of Completion to participants


Artistic Skylight®

Session theme(s):
Achieving Energy Efficiency and Sustainability with Skylights



Concrete Council of Canada

Session theme(s):
Taking concrete steps to a carbon neutral future

Construction Links Network


Session themes(s):
All-Glass Entrances, Railings


DesignABLE Environments

Session theme(s):

  • Introducing RAIC's new Introduction to Successful Accessible Design;
  • Establishing accessibility in an urban landscape;
  • Design Solutions for the accessible housing crisis;
  • Understanding the new Accessible Canada Act and how it impacts architecture


Session theme(s):

  • Placemaking in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Passenger Experience After a Global Pandemic
  • Returning to a New Workplace
  • Transit Readiness Post-Pandemic

Session theme(s):
Design Concepts to Reality with Custom Architectural Fabrications


EXP Services Inc. 

Session theme(s):
Building Science and Envelope Engineering – Testing to ‘Expect the Unexpected


HGC Engineering Acoustical Consultants

Session theme(s):
Architectural Acoustics


i d d q d Studio Vancouver


Live Easy Inc/Safety-Chair

Session theme(s):
Why do I need to Specify an Evacuation Chair?


Material Bank

Session theme(s):
Introduction to Material Bank


Master Builders Solutions

Session theme(s):
Sealants, caulking, joint treatment, waterproofing


NBS - National Building Specification - Canada

Session theme(s):
Join us to learn how NBS can help you to write your specification smarter and faster, reducing your risk of error and dispute, enabling collaboration and helping you win more business.  NBS Chorus moves spec writing from static word documents to a dynamic cloud-based platform that is accessible from anywhere on any device.


Owens Corning

Session theme(s):

  • Principles of Acoustics;
  • Addressing Thermal Bridging in Exterior Wall Assemblies

Passive House Canada


Polymershapes Distribution Canada Inc.

Session theme(s):

  • Systemize solutions to Active shooter scenarios
  • Torgard Weather system for Hurricanes and Tornados


Session theme(s):

  • Acoustic and Aesthetic Suspended Ceiling Solutions Using Stone Wool
  • Optimized Acoustics in Buildings
  • Ceiling Systems for High- Performing Healthcare Facilities

RSM Canada

Session theme(s):
Digital transformation, including

  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Customer engagement
  • Employee enablement
  • Secure and stable technology
  • Improving business operations


Session theme(s):
3D Printing for Architects, Urban Planners and Interior Designers: A look at how 3D printing is being used in the architecture industry as a powerful tool to win clients, reduce iteration time and reduce costs. Get introduced to 3D printing or expand your knowledge set with a look at recent materials and technology. Plus, get your questions answered by Shop3D.ca's expert team.


Stego Industries, LLC

Session theme(s):
Provides an in-depth look at below-slab moisture and vapor protection. The program will examine building material
failures, concrete degradation, property loss, negative health effects, and the liability associated with below-slab
moisture intrusion. Moreover, the seminar is designed to update attendees on current standards and
recommendations from ASTM, ACI, and PCA, as well as flooring and concrete experts from the industry. Questions
about vapor retarders vs. vapor barriers, the use of poly/Visqueen, the location of the vapor barrier, radon gas,
concrete moisture testing, concrete drying, and effective installation will all be addressed.


STI Firestop - Specified Technologies Inc.

Session theme(s):

  • Specific considerations to consider when selecting and reviewing  firestopping solutions
  • Cable management: The limitations and available solutions for firestopping cable penetrations
  • Alternative solutions to gypsum and concrete to protect electrical circuits and fuel lines 

The Personal

Session theme(s):
Your partner for Auto and Home Insurance


Tremco Canada

Session theme(s):

Webinar 1: New Trend in Rooftop Safety
Webinar 2: Liquid Applied Roofing Technologies
Webinar 3: Modified Bitumen Innovations
Webinar 4: Built-Up Roofing
Webinar 5: Single Ply Roofing


VELUX Skylights

Session theme(s):
Why not skylights? Rethinking skylights in high performance design.

  • Modular Skylights in Residential - Live Webinar
  • Principles of Daylight from Above: Light Shaft Design- Live Webinar
  • Technical Guide to Designing with Daylight From Above- Pre-Recorded
  • Balancing the Energy of Skylights in Canada- Pre-Recorded
  • Skylights in the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Sector- Pre-Recorded