Royal Architectural Institute of Canada




NORR has set the standard for innovative and timeless designs around the world. They have offices in 17 locations, backed by more than 750 professionals. Founded in 1938, they offer the stability of a rich history, the power of integrated global teams and the versatility of a proven, multi-sector portfolio. They're architects, engineers, interior designers, planners and big picture thinkers that apply their collaborative mindset to drive exceptional projects for their clients. 

It was a proud moment for them to become a strategic partner for the RAIC and a sponsor of the 2019 convocation of Fellows. Over eight decades in business, NORR has been an advocate of the same principles that guide the College of Fellows and the RAIC. They feel they live these values every day. They are also immensely proud that, during their history, 22 Fellows, including their current Fellows have worked for the company.

Not only about celebration, convocation marks a proud tradition of upholding the core values of the profession. A Fellowship is bestowed for life, and is the highest honour the RAIC can give to an architect. RAIC recognition for Fellowship is based on achievements of excellence in architecture in the following categories: 1) design excellence represented by past awards; 2) outstanding scholarly contribution represented by research, publications and education; or 3) distinguished service to the profession or community. NORR is proud to ally themselves with these principles. Every day – in their people and their work – they strive to strengthen and reinforce the profession and to have an impact on the world we live in.

Times may change, styles of architecture may evolve, but what stays the same is the profession’s commitment to these high standards. At NORR, theyimplement these values by working closely with young people entering the field of architecture. Their intern programs are designed to partner students with seasoned professionals to not only learn practical skills, but to understand that integrity and responsibility are the bedrock of the profession. They’re proud to make a contribution to a budding designers’ outlook on becoming an architect and to excite them about the industry they’re entering. THeir hope is that they may, one day, join the company of Fellows.

Norr sends sincere congratulations to the new Fellows of 2019 to be inducted on Tuesday, October 29th 2019 in Toronto, for their commitment to excellence in architecture and for their prestigious body of work.

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