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Live Easy

Live Easy looks to provide access to accessibility, remove barriers of doing business for barrier-free design, provide safe and secure environments and ensure that common sense and trusting relationships lead to positive outcomes. Live Easy has partnered with Bay Area Health to create a focused boutique business that is backed by health care bona fides, attracting both high quality manufacturers and customers alike.

The Senior Home Safety Specialist certification empowers professionals with actionable ways to better help educate clients, older adults and their family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, fire safety, home modifications, mobility and accessibility issues, considerations for Dementia care, communication skills, technology, financial exploitation, personal safety and performing a 240-point home safety audit.

Age Safe Canada offers the Senior Home Safety Specialist This comprehensive,16-module self-paced course offers the only certificate of its kind to individuals within the senior services industry.  The curriculum has been developed with Canadian professionals including Occupational Therapists to ensure a valuable professional development experience.

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