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Election 2015: Election Toolkit for RAIC Members

“A lack of political and social engagement by architects has resulted in the profession becoming increasingly disconnected from the public and key decision-makers. Because we as a profession are not as engaged as we could be, we have a hard time communicating our value and introducing architectural ideas and values to clients and to society in general.”

Source: Canadian Architectural Certification Board 2014 Conference


During the 2015 federal election campaign, the RAIC and its members have an opportunity to raise awareness of built-environment issues. Decisions made at the federal level affect buildings and infrastructure across Canada. Federal rules and regulations shape the circumstances under which architects work.

This election toolkit is designed to help RAIC members advocate for better communities and engage candidates. As part of the toolkit, the RAIC has prepared an issues brief and questions on four key issues: the 2030 Challenge, First Nations communities, design excellence, and Canada Post community mailboxes. These issues affect the economy, energy, expenditure of tax dollars and quality of life. As an RAIC member, you will likely also have other issues about which you feel passionate.

The toolkit also contains useful links to help you find out quickly if you are registered to vote, your electoral district, the candidates in your district and the party platforms.

The RAIC encourages its members to question candidates and to compare their positions on specific issues and educate them on important policy issues that may not be addressed otherwise.

Here are six easy steps to make your voice heard.

STEP 1 – Contact your candidates

Contact the candidates in your riding. Send them the RAIC issues brief and ask them for their views. Tell them what issues matter to you and why. Tell them who you are: e.g. a constituent, an architect, a member of the RAIC, and a small business owner. Tell them you’re willing to be a go-to person if they have questions about the built environment. Use this opportunity to build personal relationships with people running for office.

Click here
to find email addresses and phone numbers for the candidates in your riding.

STEP 2 – Spread the Word on Facebook

Share the link to the RAIC’s election page with your friends and followers. Comment on posts related to built-environment issues.

Click here
to find candidates’ Facebook pages.

STEP 3 – Tweet to your candidates about the issues

Remember to use the hashtag #raicvotes

STEP 4 – Meet your candidates

Set up a meeting with your candidates, either through your firm, a group of RAIC members or your RAIC chapter. Discuss the issues facing the built environment today and ways to promote job growth in the design and construction industry. Offer yourself as an expert to consult on these issues. Candidates want to know how a specific issue will affect their riding so use local or personal experiences to emphasize your points.

Meet personally with a candidate you have donated to or worked for or with whom you have a relationship.

STEP 5 – Attend or organize a town hall meeting

Attend a town hall meeting and ask questions. Identify yourself as a constituent and an architect. Wear an RAIC T-shirt.

Put out a call to architects and allied professions in your district, rent a hall and hold a forum or debate or round-table discussion.

STEP 6 – Tell the media

Send a letter to the editor of your newspaper or offer to write an op-ed article. Send a link to the RAIC Election 2015 page.

Election 101

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