Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Building Systems Design, Inc. (BSD)

BSD was created more than 35 years ago by innovative design professionals determined to improve the specification process. Architects, specifiers, engineers, and owners rely on SpecLink because it delivers the best content in both the U.S. and Canada via the industry’s most innovative software. SpecLink simplifies workflow, speeds up editing, and improves productivity throughout every phase of a project.

Launched in 2018, SpecLink Cloud features seamless BIM integration and cloud collaboration that revolutionizes coordination among project teams. Users can view embedded BIM object data, identify potential conflicts, automatically adjust specs, and view BIM models from any web-enabled device.

BSD is committed to moving specifications forward in both the U.S. and Canada. The company formed an exclusive alliance with Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) to deliver National Master Specifications (NMS), the comprehensive master guide for Canadian public works projects.

BSD also teamed up with specification experts at Canadian-based integrated design firm DIALOG to produce commercial Canadian content for SpecLink Cloud, the industry’s most advanced specification platform. Canada’s best-in-class content will be available within SpecLink’s intelligent database by spring of 2019.