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Baldassarra Architects


Since its inception in 1986, Baldassarra Architects has grown into an established design firm, consistently recognized for design excellence and exceptional service. Their portfolio of industrial, commercial, retail, medical, and residential projects demonstrates their diverse capabilities and expertise. They have accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience over many years of operation, and they take great pride in the numerous awards and the strong client relationships they’ve developed to date.

They are a small group of talented, creative, and hard working individuals that have made a large impact on the GTA over the past 33 years, completing over 1,000 projects with over 500 different clients. Their tight-knit company structure emphasizes strong team collaboration and developing problem-solving skills required for the most demanding architectural endeavours. This dynamic structure allows them to make the best use of their combined expertise and gives them the flexibility to adapt quickly and effectively to new challenges and situations.

They are a growing firm, with a dynamic, challenging, and creative atmosphere. They will continue to do what they feel is most important – provide a service that is second to none, deliver building designs that add architectural value to communities, and surpass clients’ expectations.

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