Awards of Excellence - President’s Award for Media in Architecture

Submission details

Submission Fee:

$50 plus applicable taxes


Online articles, newspapers, magazines, a book, a radio or television segment written or presented by freelancers, writers, journalists or hosts. Submissions are to have been published or broadcast in 2017-2018.

Submission Requirements:

Please note that binders, including hardcopies of images, are no longer accepted. For each entry, a printed copy of the submission form must be included in the submission package, along with two duplicate CD-ROMs. Each submission must include the following material:

  1. Completed submission form;
  2. A one page written Statement, which explains why the submission deserves this award;
  3. A 100-word media statement crafted for website postings and media campaign requirements. This statement must be saved in PDF or MS Word format on the CD-ROMs;
  4. Each submission is to be accompanied by a copy of the article or story submitted. If the story is a television or radio story, a DVD copy of the audio or video should be attached.
  5. A signed declaration by the submitter.

All submission materials must be included electronically in PDF format or MS Word on two CD-ROMs (view the technical guidelines for submitting electronic material).

All winning entries will be kept by the RAIC for publication, exhibition and archival purposes. Unsuccessful entries will not be returned.

Entry Deadline:

All submissions must be received by the RAIC office before 4:00 p.m. ET, January 24, 2019. Entrants are solely responsible for timely submissions. This date is firm without exception.

Submissions must be sent to:

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
330 - 55 Murray St.
Ottawa ON
K1N 5M3

For more information:
Tel.: 613-241-3600, ext. 214
Fax: 613-241-5750


The following forms are in PDF format and can be filled out electronically.

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