Awards of Excellence — 2013 Recipient

Award Category: 
Awards of Excellence
Innovation in Architecture

5468796 Architecture Inc.

Bloc_10 is a low-budget, 10 unit housing project that strives to reinvent the market-driven condominium. The design maximizes construction efficiency while providing the utmost flexibility for residents. Modeled after a ‘white-box’ concept, each buyer purchases an unfinished unit and decides which rooms and finishes they would like on each level. Building systems and stairs run down a central core, allowing units to cross from one side of the building to the other as they ascend over three levels. This arrangement provides every unit with north and south views, and transforms eight into corner suites. Taking advantage of the development’s maximum permitted mass, cantilevered projections expand rooms, create balconies and provide support for a screen of vertical wood slats that wraps the exterior and gives Bloc_10 a distinctive identity in the city.

Jury Comment(s): 

"The project demonstrates that creative and innovative designs can include projects with modest programs and budgets."

"The project concept and completed project is very innovative and demonstrates that new solutions to modest housing can be successfully developed."

"This project shows a multifaceted (view, safety, privacy, solar control) use of exterior screens that also unifies the architectural expression."

"This project is one of a series of compelling projects from this firm and demonstrates that this firm is clearly innovative in their project and design development processes. They continue to produce creative, unique and consistently excellent projects."

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Photos: James Brittain Photography