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Awards of Excellence — 2013 Recipient

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Awards of Excellence
Allied Arts Medal


A consistent theme that permeates anikolab’s work is to find a visual and experiential language of the invisible, translating the ephemeral and unseen into cultural forms. Two projects that embody this theme are the Plant Anima Project and the Toronto Transit Commission's Victoria Park Subway Station. In one project built form is envisioned with the use of genetic engineering. In the later, public art takes the role of a palimpsest to reflect the community that it serves.

Sadly, Aniko Meszaros the founder of anikolab, passed away in June 2011. She is remembered by her family, friends, colleagues, and students for her spirit of innovation and inquiry which pushed conventional notions of what architecture could be. 

Jury Comment(s): 

"I was pleased to see that a colleague had submitted Aniko's professional body of work for the Allied Arts Award.  I think the range of her practice and the seriousness with which she pursued a profession which utilized all of her architectural skills but channeled into a parallel path of design is exactly the type of person who should receive this award..  Her work is exquisite visually, highly visceral and synthetic and yet really probed the edges of form making.  I was pleased to see that her later work, such as the public art installation for the TTC, exhibited her ability to successfully traverse both hands on works with more theoretical projects.  In my experience, it is unusual to see this depth of ability and maturity in a younger practitioner."

"This award recognizes works of art that appear to be beautifully complementary to architecture in addition to being their own entity, that is capable of standing on their own.  The works are evocative, rich and compelling.  Moving even.  In some cases, they truly support the surrounding architecture, and become integral in our appreciation of space.  In other cases, they appear to be more disconnected from architecture, but still deal with spatial sensory experience showing seriousness of intent, imagination, elegance and ability to move the human spirit."

"I found this submission superb."

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Liquid Landscape Study

An Organic Search Engine

Three occupations of the advanced evolved organism environment

The Embody Bench. Photos: anikolab

Welcome Wall