Awards of Excellence — 2013 Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Awards of Excellence — 2013 Recipient

Heather Dubbeldam, MRAIC
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Awards of Excellence
Advocate for Architecture

Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Heather Dubbeldam is an advocate for architecture in the truest sense of the word. Outside of her own full-time architecture practice, Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, Heather dedicates a significant amount of volunteer time to champion the cause of architecture on a local, provincial and national level, both through the organizations that she leads, and in her other volunteer activities. The motivation behind the time and effort she devotes to support architects and the profession in general, is for anything but personal gain. Driven by her passion for the field of architecture and its future, Heather has a genuine interest in generating awareness of the importance of architecture and the work architects do, particularly the younger generation of practitioners, as well as developing a stronger sense of community and collegiality in the profession.

Jury Comment(s): 

"Heather Dubbeldam’s numerous contributions to architecture and to the community we serve have been revealed in many ways: in the portfolio of a young but award-winning practice, in her continuous participation in the work of a long list educational and professional advisory councils, and perhaps most convincingly in her leadership of advocacy programs that have effectively raised the level of awareness and debate in the local, regional and national contexts. Her sustained commitment to the profession - on every level of engagement – has been outstanding."

"It's great to see an Architect of this calibre so committed to the greater good. Heather is a fine inspiration to younger Architects and to the community at large."

"Heather's submission was impressive on a number of fronts. She is a skilled professional who has taken the time to advocate for architecture broadly, well beyond the bounds of her own private practice.  Her engagement with the TSA in particular,  which as been both long-term and extensive, has helped to provide a solid institutional base for that organization to build upon.  Her work with the Twenty and Change initiative and her involvement mentoring interns has benefitted the architectural community as a whole and specifically addressed the work of a younger generation entering the profession.  An excellent example for us all."

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