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Awards of Excellence — 2007 Recipient

Warren Carther
Award Category: 
Awards of Excellence
Allied Arts Medal

Architectural Glass Artist

Warren Carther’s innovative career has spanned thirty years. His interest in glass as an art form began with blown glass. However, Carther envisioned creating enormous walls of sculpted, architectonic glass. He realized that in order to achieve this vision, he would have to push glass in new ways, beyond traditional approaches. Thus began a long process of experimentation in technique and structure.

Carther’s aesthetic vision, combined with his understanding of the structural qualities of glass has enabled him to create works of unique form and immense scale. His work defies categorization and blurs the boundaries between art and architecture. 

Jury Comment(s): 

Carther obviously takes inspiration from the buildings context as in "Prairie Boy’s Dream", and from the Architect Client Vision, as in the "Chronos Trilogy".

Carther’s work is contemporary and innovative, it’s going where good architecture is going.

Collective jury comment

Carther’s work goes well beyond being decorative and becomes an important part of the space. You can see that his hands on understanding of the medium is translated into the sculptural quality of the finished work.

Philip Pratt

It is impossible to look at Warren Carther’s creations and not be moved. They fuse with the architecture and define an area with their size and form. Through innovative experiments with luminosity, Carther creates sculptural works that fully interpret an architectural space. His contextual approach to his work, in terms of both theme and formal composition, enables art to become architecture, and architecture to become art.

The tremendous artistic quality of Carther’s many large-scale works is enhanced by his technical mastery. These installations speak eloquently of his focus on “paying tribute to the architecture.” By working closely with the architects during a project, Carther strengthens the dialogue and blurs the line between art and architecture.

Warren Carther’s outstanding and exemplary contribution to architecture demonstrates an originality and sensitivity deserving of this award of excellence.

Anne Carrier, FIRAC

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