Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Architectural Firm Award — 2007 Recipient

Baird Sampson Neuert architects
Award Category: 
Architectural Firm Award

Baird Sampson Neuert architects is a partnership of three architects with a distinguished history of contributions to architecture, education and community development in Canada and abroad. Our work is structured by a holistic approach to advancing architecture and culture, in the pursuit of design excellence and innovation as understood in its broadest meaning. A long standing leader in the integration of architecture and landscape environments, the firm conceives buildings and sites as integrated terrains for social interaction and environmental sustainability, using interdisciplinary collaboration and primary research to maximize performance for both occupants and technical systems. 

Jury Comment(s): 

The firm of Baird Sampson Neuert has managed to find the perfect balance between education and practice in architecture. This is no easy task in that both aspects of the profession are time and energy demanding and often difficult to perform with a high degree of excellence. What distinguishes this firm, and makes it so deserving of this award, is its breadth and diversity of practice. The work is informed by urban policy and design, leading to city-building, and has included many artful designs in the public realm. The firm’s individual buildings demonstrate a thoughtfulness to detail that is rarely found in practice today. Baird Sampson Neuert is making a truly significant contribution to furthering the profile of Canada’s built environment.

Norman Hotson, FRAIC

The Baird Sampson Neuert Architects portfolio contains a diversity of projects ranging from master planning and urban design to sustainable, environmental design and heritage protection. All of these projects are well-considered, well-presented work of a very high standard and this body of work and the architectural firm are most deserving of recognition as the RAIC Award of Excellence for Architectural Firm.

Andy Lynch, FRAIC

The firm of Baird Sampson Neuert, a partnership of three architects, has distinguished itself by elevating the discourse around the theory and practice of architecture in Canada and abroad. The firm has built a unique portfolio that balances significant architectural works recognized for the enrichment of public life with critically-acclaimed publications on design theory. Founded in 1968 by George Baird, the studio has mentored many of Canada’s current generation of leading architects, and through both George Baird’s and his partner Barry Sampson’s efforts, initiated and supported the comprehensive and dynamic development of the architecture program at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, all while growing and strengthening the platform from which they practice.

Marianne McKenna, FRAIC

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