Webday Wednesday: The Passive House Way to Net Zero Standards

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The Passive House Way to Net Zero Standards
Date: November 4, 2020
Presenter: Sonia Zouari
This is a recording of a live event.
The urgency of climate change puts many things into very different perspectives than what we are used to. Energy saving benefits are well known since the oil crisis in the 70’s and the agenda was; the more we save, the better but even saving a little is good! Now under a climate emergency scenario, doing a little is no longer enough, it may even prevent more ambitious action as it creates a lock-in effect and unable us to achieve 80 by 50 carbon reduction goal affordably in the future. The international passive house standard will be presented as a tool to achieve up to a factor 10 improvement in heating energy consumption for existing buildings, and a robust, systemic and streamlined pathway to deliver net zero energy ready building performance that will enable an affordable, fiscally responsible electrification along with smart renewable energy grid integration. Throughout the presentation we will look at opportunities for efficiency by design solutions. Participants will walk away with a "tool box" on how they can leverage design to achieve high performance solutions and deliver a measurable contribution to environmental, social and economic prosperity. 
  • Evaluate the potential and co-benefits of Passive House to achieve Net Zero standards and deliver SU+RE (sustainable and resilient) buildings
  • Apply passive house retrofit pathways and avoid locking into long term poor efficiency scenarios 
  • Design responsibly using the passive house methodology to deliver efficiency by design
  • Differentiate between passive solar and passive house design 
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