Webday Wednesday: Bracing for Change: The Unforeseen Challenges of a BIM Transformation

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Bracing for Change: The Unforeseen Challenges of a BIM Transformation

Date: January 30, 2019
Experience Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Steve Nonis
Principal, Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.
Learning Units: 1 hour

This is a recording of a live event.

Session Summary 

BIM is here, and it is disrupting workflows, practices, and how we deliver our projects. Firms that are ready for this transformation will have an advantage: being prepared as a business and studio. However, what challenges can studios of all sizes, that are beginning to implement BIM expect? What are the unforeseen burdens, interruptions, and benefits of embracing this disruption? This presentation will center around lessons learned from the implementation of BIM in the private sector at a 150-person firm, with a focus on the realities of running a business amid a radical technological shift. We will share the unplanned Human Resource and financial issues faced in introducing new technology and processes. We will pass on lessons learned to practices considering BIM adoption, taking an honest, open look at staffing needs, return on investment, education, and advocacy. We believe BIM is the way of the future, but it is naive to ignore what is required to transform a studio, how it affects operations and the consequences of not doing so. Merging business strategies with industry reality, this session aims to enhance the RAIC program, opening dialogue allowing companies to evaluate their own position based on our discoveries, challenges, and lessons.


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