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POP // CAN // CRIT is an annual national symposium that promotes excellence in architecture through constructive, critical, professional, and academic discourses on contemporary practice and its peripheries. POP // CAN // CRIT explores the in-between spaces of the profession to challenge the ways we see and understand architecture, current practices, contemporary issues, and to propose new solutions for the future of architecture in Canada.

POP // CAN // CRIT 2019: Education and Emergence of Architects in Canada will explore the topic of education and emergence of architects in Canada. The first panel, The Student // The Intern, will look at the student and intern experiences, including professional practice in education, mentorship, and exam support, and the disconnects between architectural education and practice. Panel Two, The Architect, will shift the discussion to the professional practice of architecture, beginning with a look at the first five years of emergence. It will also look at the role and opportunities for continuing education in Canada, and the needs of the emerging practitioner in building an architectural practice. The final panel, The Alternate, explores the other opportunities available to those with a professional degree in architecture. This will include alternative paths to licensure, alternative types of practice and careers, and the role of the PhD in supporting architectural research and practice. The day will close with a Roundtable on The Future of Architectural Practice and Education in Canada.

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