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Coping with COVID-19 | REGULAR

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Join Anxiety Canada’s Registered Clinical Counsellor, Mark Antczak, to talk about why anxiety is so prevalent in everyone’s life, in this rapidly changin environment and strains caused by the pandemic.

Coping with COVID-19

Practice Resource Series 

Topics: COVID-19

Length: 1 hour l What's Included: video 

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Are you struggling to cope with COVID19? With the rapidly changing environment and the strains caused by the pandemic, join Anxiety Canada’s Registered Clinical Counsellor Mark Antczak to talk about why anxiety is so prevalent in everyone’s life, learn strategies and tools from evidence-based research to reduce our anxiety, and how to use the Mindshift app— developed by Anxiety Canada—to help you and your loved ones in managing our overwhelmed brains.

Subject Matter Expert: 

Mark Antczak, Clinical counsellor and Health Educator 

Available Unitl: December 31, 2022

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