RAIC updates Documents Six and Nine

On August 15 the RAIC will issue the 2018 Editions of both Document Six, Standard Form of Contract for Architectural Services, and Document Nine, Canadian Standard Form of Contract Between Architect and Consultant.

Available in both English and French, Documents Six and Nine work together to provide well balanced agreements that respond to the needs of clients, architects, and consultants. Developed by the RAIC Practice Support Committee with input from a wide range of industry stakeholders and legal counsel,  these forms of agreement are both comprehensive and concise. A driving force behind the development of these documents was the desire to present a balance of interests and thereby reduce the need for extensive supplemental conditions.

Documents Six and Nine work together as a package to support a true team approach in sharing risk and responsibility. Ease of use is enhanced as the agreement between the client and the architect, Document Six, becomes part of the agreement between the architect and the consultant, Document Nine.

Document  Six 2018 has been revised from the 2017 Edition with the inclusion of text to address prompt payment and adjudication legislation about to be implemented in Ontario and being considered in other jurisdictions, including the federal government. Document Six 2018 also includes 5 new schedules of services forms for specific project types.

Both Document Six 2018 and Document Nine 2018 are accompanied by comprehensive guides that help the architect complete the contract forms and support important discussions the with both client and consultant about roles and responsibilities.


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