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Senior Architect Design and Land Use

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National Capital Commission
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Reporting to the Chief Federal Approvals, the Sr. Architect Design and Land Use supports the implementation of National Capital Act provisions relating to Federal Approvals. He/she is responsible for the review and approval process of the projects assigned to him/her.
1. Provides senior advice to internal and external proponents and consultants relative to the Federal Approval process and requirements.
2. Provides senior technical expertise and advice in the fields of architecture, planning and urban design.
3. Reviews documents, specifications, drawings, reports and mock-ups, performs site visits and field reviews and provides architectural advice and recommendations aligned with the NCC Federal Approvals Framework.
4. Coordinates and reconciles the competing requirements and recommendations of multi-disciplinary teams (real estate, environment, landscape, engineering, security, heritage, archaeology, industrial design, etc.).
5. Liaises and communicates approval requirements and interests to internal and external proponents, consultants, contractors and stakeholders, federal, provincial and municipal agencies and to other divisions and branches of the NCC.
6. Prepares formal correspondence, letters of approval, design and land use reviews and reports in support of the Federal Approvals process.
7. Prepares and delivers submissions and presentations to NCC Internal Committees, NCC Advisory Committees, the Executive Management Committee, the NCC Board of Directors, and to others groups.
8. Develops and assists with the preparation of policies, standards, guidelines, criteria and tools both at a corporate as well as at a project-specific level.
9. Facilitates coordination of plans and projects through the approvals process.
10. Monitors the implementation of approved plans and projects.
11. Reports on :
a. Project scope and Federal Approval requirements;
b. Approval process, timelines and progress;
c. Client satisfaction;
d. Electronic filing;
e. Other performance indicators as required by the Division.
12. Manages NCC Corporate software and filing system.
13. Demonstrates excellence in client service.
14. Supports the Division’s Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP), communications and outreach requirements.
15. Performs other related duties.


Professional university degree in Architecture from an accredited Canadian university, or the equivalent as established by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board, if obtained outside Canada.

Bilingual Imperative: CBC.

Full member of the Ontario Association of Architects or l’Ordre des Architectes du Quebec or eligibility for full registration.

Eligible for Secret (Level II) security clearance.


1. *Recent and **extensive experience in managing ***complex real property projects:
a. Including design and construction of new buildings, heritage rehabilitations, utilities, services and engineering infrastructure , site/land development plans, landscape, security, and interior fit-ups;
b. From the planning to the delivery phase; and
c. In an environment of competing demands.
2. *Recent and **extensive experience in leading multi-disciplinary ***complex real property project teams.
3. *Recent and **extensive experience in applying legislation , theories and principles to ***complex real property plans and projects.
4. *Recent and experience in the construction phase of ***complex real property projects.
5. *Recent and **extensive experience in providing strategic advice and briefings to clients, stakeholders and senior management related to ***complex real property projects.

*Recent experience is defined as having at least 5 years' experience within the last 8 years of increasing responsibility in applicable criterion.
**Extensive experience is defined as the management of several projects/components that are strategically or thematically linked; to qualify on this factor, candidates must demonstrate they manage or have managed the strategic component as well as various types of projects including large projects with a high degree of technical difficulty.
***Complex projects must include 3 or more of the following characteristics: large number of stakeholders requiring specific governance and organized communications, important heritage and archaeology component, multi-disciplinary consulting team, interrelated dependencies with other projects or programs, alternative form of delivery or approvals required from Central Authorities (such as Treasury Board or a Board of Directors or equivalent in the private sector).


• To analyze and assess architectural and urban design proposals, plans and submissions throughout all phases of design development.
• To multi-task, develop strategies and set priorities for a multitude of complex issues.
• To perform within a highly diversified professional environment operating at a highly efficient level, as well as within a politically sensitive environment where issues must be resolved with diplomacy and insight.
• To respond to multiple, often conflicting demands, and to analyse and resolve complex and evolving issues, while making full use of limited resources.
• To negotiate and resolve disputes.
• To adhere to work plans and schedules for the delivery of approvals.
• To communicate effectively orally and in writing in both official languages.

OTHER QUALIFICATIONS – Asset qualifications

1. Knowledge of the Federal Approvals framework:
a. National Capital Act
b. Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
c. Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada
d. Parks Canada & Canadian Heritage regulations and processes
e. Applicable Treasury Board Policies
f. NCC Long-Range Plans
g. Municipal regulations
h. Provincial regulations
i. National Building Code
j. LEED/ Green Globes or similar certification processes
2. *Recent and **extensive experience in ***complex procurement processes and contracts for architectural, engineering and construction related services.
3. *Recent and **extensive experience in Heritage Rehabilitation projects involving 1800’s and early 1900’s buildings, a wide-range of disciplines and historic construction methods in northern latitudes.
4. *Recent and **extensive experience in establishing and managing effective partnerships with key internal and external, public and private stakeholders.


• Integrity and respect
• Strategic thinking and decision making
• Flexibility
• Teamwork
• Innovation
• Communications

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English: Fluent
French: Fluent
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