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Lebel & Bouliane
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Lebel and Bouliane Inc. is an award-winning architectural practice in Toronto. Recipient of Designlines' Designer of the Year, and the RAIC Young Architect Award, we are published globally.

We focus on design for cultural and creative organizations, and unique residences. Current and recent projects include the renovation of several theaters; collaborative spaces for creative agencies, tech companies and universities; and multiple residential new-build and renovation projects.

Working at Lebel and Bouliane Inc. is an opportunity for accelerated professional and personal growth. We are a transparent and open organization with many opportunities for advancement and support on your way towards a leadership or management position. We are action-oriented and equally serious about theory, design and construction. We measure success through initiative, hard work and good design. We lead by example; we are fair, and we value your spirit and contribution.


Our ideal candidate will be an architect with a strong eye for good design, able to lead a small team of experienced and very talented junior designers. Experience with both private and public sector clients is an asset. Must have experience with building envelope and new construction, strong in construction administration, and be a proven leader on the phone, in person and in the field. Ability to develop and resolve strong geometry and bold modern design is also a must.

This is a unique opportunity to build a world-class portfolio designing for globally-recognized companies and institutions and make excellent connections with the industry’s best consultants and builders.

Must be proficient with BIM, construction documentation standards and architectural nomenclature. Must be able to research and apply the OBC to all projects. Should have excellent knowledge of PM tools as required for the field of architecture.

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If you are the talent and leader we are looking for, then please forward CV’s and portfolios to (please use subject INTERMEDIATE ARCHITECT in caps), along with examples of work (multiple scales of work) — including some anecdotes of your greatest challenges to date as a Architect (go ahead and brag!).

Visionaries welcome! We want strong imaginations with a will to build.

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