Director of Practice

Thu, 2020-07-02 10:51 -- grettainamahoro
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Job Description: 

Position Title:             Director of Practice

Location:                     Ottawa 

Reports to:                  Vice President of Corporate Affairs 

Date:                           July 4, 2020  

Type:                          Part-time (18.75 hours/week) 


Reporting to the Vice President of Corporate Affairs, the Director of Practice supports the organization to achieve its vision to be the leading voice for excellence in the built environment in Canada and mission to promote excellence in the built environment. The main areas of job scope include practice support and practice advocacy.  

Major areas of responsibility within the portfolio: 

  1. Management of practice queries 
  2. Maintenance and creation of standard agreement documents 
  3. Maintenance of existing publications (e.g. Fee Guide, CHoP) 
  4. Leadership and management of Practice Support Committee 
  5. Practice advocacy and representation on pan-professional committees, including, but not limited to: Construction Industry Council, CCDC, FRPAC, NRC, PSPC working groups 
  6. Budget and workplan preparation 
  7. Contribute to RAIC publications (bulletin, website, social platforms) 
  8. Represent RAIC as delegated by the VPCA 
  9. Attend meetings as assigned/requested by VPCA 
  10. Collaborate with RAIC staff as required
  11. Report to VPCA 

Required Qualifications:

  • Licensed Architect
  • At minimum, 15 years of experience
  • Public and private sector experience
  • At least 50% of work experience in Canada
  • Demonstrated breadth of knowledge
  • Experience in not-for-profit sector
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
  • High degree of energy, integrity, courage, empathy, and creativity
  • Superior active listening, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of municipal, provincial, national and global issues related to architects and architecture
  • Effective collaborative skills
  • Ability to work with efficiency and diplomacy
  • Proven ability to build and cultivate strong relationships
  • Proficiency in non-profit fiscal and strategic management
  • Exceptional management skills and the ability to inspire, lead and motivate
  • Ability to develop and successfully maintain an extensive network of strategic relationships (volunteers, community partners, etc.) 

Recommended Qualifications

  • Experience with volunteer intensive service operations 
  • Bilingual skills an asset (English/French) 
Position Type: 
Ottawa, ON
Years of Experience: 
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