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Vince DH Barter Inc.
Job Description: 

Vince DH Barter Inc: Architecture - Interior Design - Planning is seeking an Architect for a full-time position, to assist on a range of project types within the Yellowknife area, surrounding NWT Communities and Nunavut.

Applicants should have the following:
- 15+ years of experience
- be a registered licensed Architect in Canada
- experience with a broad range of project types (Residential to Institutional)
- excellent design and drafting skills (AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit)
- experience with all levels of project delivery (from design to construction)
- excellent communication skills
- willingness to travel to remote Northern Communities

Send resumes and a small sample portfolio (electronic submissions only) to:

Vince DH Barter Inc.
Attn: Vince Barter

Application Email: 
Job Category: 
Position Type: 
Years of Experience: 
Auto-CAD: Advanced
Revit: Intermediate
In-Design: Advanced
Sketch-up: Advanced
Required Degree Level: 
Required Languages: 
English: Fluent