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Volunteer Opportunity: RAIC Representative from Quebec on the CCDC Panel

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
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Posted December 09, 2020

The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) is the national body that creates and manages construction contracts, guides, and documentation. It is comprised of the key national stakeholders of Canada’s construction industry. A volunteer position is open on the CCDC panel for an RAIC representative from Quebec. The candidate must be conversant in construction contracts and possess ample experience in the design-construction industry to understand the nuances of client-contractor and client-architect relationships. The candidate should be familiar with the Civil Code as it applies to construction contracts, payment, lien rights, and related legislation. 

CCDC Documents are produced in both official languages.  The Committee operates in English.  This RAIC appointee is required to function in both French and English.    

The volunteer position requires travel to different Canadian cities approximately six times a year with expenses covered by the Canadian Construction Association. Terms of Reference for the position will be provided on request.

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Paul Mitchell

Practice Director


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