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Project Manager

University of Victoria
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Reporting to the Associate Director, Project Management Services (PMS), the Project Manager 4 (PM4), manages all phases of project management to successfully deliver project assignments that meet defined objectives and satisfy client expectations. The PM4 is assigned a diverse range of projects at any given time that may vary in complexity and/or risk, but is appropriate for their level of experience and expertise.

Projects assigned to this position are usually of high complexity and/or risk, with multiple factors contributing to their increased complexity and/or risk including project scope requiring definition, a larger and varied number of stakeholders, a higher degree of ambiguity, an alternate form of delivery, multidisciplinary project team, greater exposure, interdependencies with other projects and programs, and approvals required from the Board of Governors etc. Project values range up to $100M and include new construction or renovation projects, building assessments, or feasibility studies. This position may also manage a program of projects. Because of the nature of the project assignments, the PM4 usually manages fewer projects for a longer duration (e.g. up to 3 years). When managing projects this position uses project management and industry best practices, and established departmental and university policies, processes, procedures, systems and templates to oversee the day-to-day management of projects.

The PM4: may chair project and site meetings; prepares Project Briefs/Project Charters/Project Plans; prepares, tenders and participates in the selection of consultants and contractors; manages project construction; administers projects; recommends payment of invoices; tracks and reports on project progress including that of consultants and contractors; and, resolves client, project, technical and contractor issues, informing their supervisor of complex situations they are working to resolve. The PM4 guides other project team members providing technical and project related guidance to enable them to fulfill their responsibilities. Exemplifying excellent customer service, this position liaises with clients, user groups, stakeholders, consultants, contractors and FMGT staff to maintain positive relationships and facilitate the smooth implementation of projects.

Additionally, the PM4 may at times: manage projects of lower complexity and/or risk and value; plan projects of lower complexity and/or risk and value overseeing their implementation or turning them over to other PMS staff members for implementation; and, review project plans and related documentation developed by other PMS staff members prior to and during construction. This position also provides leadership within PMS by: coaching, mentoring and training PMS staff; evaluating the performance of project team members; participating in the hiring of PMS staff; and, researching and advising on the development and maintenance of departmental and university policies, standards, procedures, tools and templates. The PM4 may also act as a department representative.

This position’s involvement in projects requires flexibility to work weekends or after hours in accordance with project schedules; work requires physical, sight and hearing abilities ensuring safety and conducting site visits where there is exposure to height conditions, noise, untidy and potentially hazardous site conditions during construction and/or including exposure to weather conditions.

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Victoria, British Columbia
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