National Urban Design Awards — 2018 Medal Recipient | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

National Urban Design Awards — 2018 Medal Recipient

Place des Canotiers: Parkade, Artifact Wall, and Public Realm
Quebec City,
Award Category: 
National Urban Design Awards
Urban Architecture


Completion: June 2017

Commissioned by the Government of Quebec, this project sits at the edge of the St. Lawrence River where cruise ships arrive in Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A multidisciplinary team of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, industrial and graphic designers transformed a surface parking lot into Old Quebec’s largest public space.

The square is defined by an elegant parking structure and a feature wall inspired by wooden wharves of the past. A stairway leads to a cantilevered lookout. Water jets and misting pavers evoke the river.

Jury Comment(s): 

“You couldn’t pick a much more challenging site nor imagine a better design solution. The resulting design replaces a hideous surface parking lot with a welcoming waterfront entrance to the city. The team clearly understood the role of foreground’ and background design elements and the need to stitch together this modern intervention with the surrounding historic and landscape context. “

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Photo: Stephane Groleau

Photo: Stephane Groleau

Photo: Stephane Groleau

Photo: Daoust Lestage

Photo: Jean-Philippe Labrie