Awards of Excellence — 2015 Recipient

One Fold
Award Category: 
Awards of Excellence
Innovation in Architecture

Patkau Architects

One Fold is an experiment that belongs to a long architectural ambition to realize structures with ever-higher strength to weight ratios.

As a self-supporting thin shell structure, One Fold spans and covers an area with a minimum of material and embodied energy.

It is lightweight, durable, demountable and recyclable. Its advantages include an extremely high strength to weight ratio and ease of distribution and fabrication. One Fold requires almost no secondary support structures.

Patkau Architects developed a series of machines to fold and bend sheets of stainless steel of increasingly large sizes. To date, One Fold exists only as a prototype.

“It is an efficient structure that embodies a minimal ecological footprint,” say the architects. “More than this, it represents an attention to material that finds beauty in structure and structure in beauty, promoting that aspiration within architecture generally.” 

Jury Comment(s): 

A three-member jury called the projects “extraordinary examples of true innovation… innovation that is significant, repeatable and applicable to the profession.”

They “demonstrate processes of innovation that are founded on patience and discipline,” the jury said.

“The projects reflect a focus on continual research, investigation and development by two firms with long histories of significant works,” the jury members added. “It is inspirational work that is intended to share.”

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Conceptual One Fold sequence

Photo: Patkau Architects

Machine 0 - sample output

Photo: Patkau Architects

Machine 2 - drawings

Photo: Patkau Architects

Machine 5 - sample output

Photo: Patkau Architects

Machine 6 - break sequence - elevation

Photo: Patkau Architects

Machine 6 - sample output

Photo: Patkau Architects

Application - change room / display for CdG

Photo: Patkau Architects

Application - Landscape shelter - elevation

Photo: Patkau Architects

Application - Landscape shelter - model

Photo: Jimmy Dow